Two years down the road, what will you be doing?

See the future!

Facing a multitude of options from different categories for a future path is a challenge that may be frown upon by the most experienced analyst. It’s about your own future and the factors are endless and unknown. If it’s a long time commitment, will you be able to stick to a choice if, after a while, something else pops around the corner? Would you stray away and loose focus? There are a lot of questions that has to be dealt with. There’s a simple answer but it can be hard to find it.

Choose what appeals the most to you. If you choose something boring and tedious just because it looks like it will pay off better, you might not be able to push through during hard times, and the chances that you fail and fall is higher. If you follow your heart, and what seem to give you the most pleasure in doing, your road to success will be more fun. You will want to work longer and harder, and that will serve your creativity with more energy.

You can write down the different routes and possible futures on different papers. Add the pros and cons for each. You will soon find different major directions and huge differences between different careers as well as similar options.

The analyzing process have to be simplified and broken down into the smallest part possible. You then give the different pieces each a value. Summed up, you have a clearer view of the different paths’ personal value to you. Unless they all lay in parallel it’s easier to start removing alternatives and eventually see a path or two emerge.

Your mind, wish or inner creator already know what it want and how to do it but there’s that little rant we all have inside that mess everything up with our endless monologue about not knowing enough, not being smart enough, good enough, lacking talent, and everything else we use to sabotage our own lives.

I pushed the start of my Internet marketing adventure several years because of that. I spent a lot of time doing other things as an excuse to postpone what had to be done a long time ago. I’m all right, I suffice, I’m doing ok and I can do it. I’m not perfect but there are some parts that are delicious.

So are you, and a little change in attitude today can change the feeling about a certain option. Tomorrow, another small change in attitude might plant a smile on your lips for the whole day. You can do it. You can better your life. Reach out to yourself, and better your situation a fraction at a time. Soon your hesitations are forgotten.

Remember that every journey starts with a single step. It’s just a tiny step. Go ahead, take it!

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