The Need For The Right Mindset And How To Define Where We Want To Go

Back to mindsets then.

Hope your week was better than mine. Having dad hospitalized imposed some difficulties for me. Well, I believe we were on some kind of track about mindset here. Let’s go back to it.

The lists of where you are, is hopefully not that long. All parts together make up a positioning that one have to accept. Establishing one’s mindset is like finding out where you are if you wake up in someone else’s car in a town you’ve never been before. Being alone, you have to find out where you are. It’s not as easy as to ask what town you’re in as there’s no one to ask.

Simply knowing what’s what and that there are things you normally don’t consider, is a great way to get a view of your self–your mind. Knowing what you’re good at, what you might need to change, and your fears will help you turn into a Internet Savvy Marketer. Or whatever you want to be. Marketing is the same whether it’s on- or offline. It’s the methods that differ. There’s a lot of literature in libraries and second-hand book stores to cover your basic knowledge about marketing, and even advanced knowledge and understanding of marketing.

The entrepreneur part might be trickier. It’s a subtle way of your nature. Either you see opportunities all around you which makes you a natural entrepreneur or you don’t, in which case you’ll need some help to find those abilities. The level of entrepreneurship you’ll reach depend on how hard you want to work for it. Nobody else can be you, so you have to work on yourself to change what in you can become an entrepreneur, if that’s what you want. The best way to start is to be observant on your self and study what other entrepreneurs are doing and more importantly, how they do it.

The goal or draft of what you want to become should be easier than finding out where you stand. Let your imagination flow. Don’t be timid as that is not the way of an entrepreneur. Be humble though, and at this point it’s a good time to make up some policies about your values, focus, sphere of interest, and marketing ethics. Do you see your self as a leader? Could you be in command if it would require you to stand up and take control of other people? Can you be calm and assertive in a stressful situation?

There are many things to consider. Write down your future self. Bullet up your policies and future goals. If what you want is a huge house, write it down. If you see your self as a great leader, write it down. Specify what you are superior in. Write down what kind of people you have in your tribe, because you need a tribe if you want to be a leader. You will have to find your tribe and understand how things work out. Be honest and clear when you write down your future self. Don’t look at where you are today. Don’t compare with who you are today. Just keep writing down whatever you come up with as long as it matches your image of your future self. When you’re drained and can’t come up with anything else, relax and stuff the list away with the other ones. Leave it for a couple of days. We’re going to talk about how to get there later.

Have fun!

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