The Need For The Right Mindset – The Roadmap

The Roadmap

Quite a few days have past since my last post. There has been a lot of things crashing my plans and schedule here. Hosting plan changes froze access to my site, my car broke down, and two days lost to migraine to name a few.

In the Rearview Mirror?

To gather the items that make up the first list, the “Where am I” list, I asked for feedback on my writing in the Warrior Forum. I was honored with reviews from five people that either was a writer, blogger, marketer or a bit of everything. It was a good mix. I received mostly positive feedback on my overall writing. But…

I also had comments about my grammar, content structure, and sentences. Some were warranted and some were not. I’m not the only one in this world having some grammar issues. As these points found their way onto my first and last lists, they also found their way to the second; “How to get there” list.

Having the first and last lists ready we can now start to write the roadmap.

During this week’s mess, I’ve added points to all my lists as they came to my knowledge. Since I’ve decided to keep writing for content production as a living—or addition to my living, I also have to commit to do it right. A lot of things are involved in doing it right, and the points are defined on the last list.

Several other things have been added thanks to all the good people that took their time to supply me with their reviews and comments so the second list, which is the roadmap is getting crammed. It need to be arranged in a good order. I start off with dividing it into several parts like education, self awareness, policies or whatever you need to do in order to be able to check off items on your last list.

What I have to improve will be placed at the top. It’s educational. It might only be in my head but I have to be clear about what’s needed. The following parts will be in the order of priority. When your own list is done you have a roadmap to get to the last list, which by all means can be called Target Definition.

A Last Reflection

This is definitely not the ultimate course on how to become what you want but it at least gives you an idea of one thing you can do to reach your own goals. A good advice I had a long time ago was; “It doesn’t matter what you do, it is how you do it that matters.”

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