The Need For The Right Mindset And How To Discover Where We Are


Thank you for reading this blog. The fact that you spend some time here makes it worthwhile for me to write down and share my thoughts.

A mindset is like a Preference Setting in your computer environment. You choose a System, like Windows, MacOS or Linux. Maybe some other system to build around or on top of. Like the changes in my own mindset, I’ve been switching between Operating Systems during my life. I’ve spend a long while with Linux and have now found my home with MacOS X. I’m not going to rant about which OS is the best here. Not even which mindset is the best. I’m focusing on A mindset that caters for Content Creation with a Caring for Internet Marketing. I want to rip A Mindset to pieces and analyze it just for the fun, and for the gain of clarity and understanding. Then I’ll put the pieces back again and hopefully be content with my own Mindset, knowing how it’s gathered into a Working System. Come along and probe my thoughts with your own thoughts. Question this! Let’s have some fun.

I’ll break it up in parts. Old known parts like Where am I, Where do I want to be, and How to get there. Let’s begin with “Where am I?”

This is actually the hardest part. It requires you to be honest with yourself and clear about what’s what and how it works. It’s not a matter of finding what causes what or feeling guilt or blaming someone else for our own shortcomings. It’s simply a look around to note the situation and what resources we have at hand. I create three lists. The first one covers my fears and shortcomings, the second what I’m good at and feel confident with as well as our assets. The third covers our areas of interest. Go ahead and fill your own lists. It’s a good practice in knowing one’s self. On each list, write down what comes to mind and let it be what it is. The list of fears is what we should address later, the confident list is a list of what we can use to balance out the shortcomings in the fear list. The list of interests is where we find the hooks that can keep us on the path to our goal.

See you here again soon. (Here’s the following of these three posts.)

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