Do You Face A Crossroad?

Crossroad Ahead!

At times people lose their jobs. It’s said it’s due to the economy, or it’s some other argument to explain the reason to staff reduction. The problem is, it doesn’t help debating the fact, having lost your job is a major set back. It cuts like a knife through your life.

In too many cases it leads to depression, frustration, lost social identity, personal problems with finances and family. There is however another approach to the situation. First of all, getting stuck in the thought losing the job is a problem is the first thing that has to be addressed. Loosing the job is a job lost. That’s a fact. How it’s perceived is another animal. Taking a step back to consider it fact and nothing but fact can free your mind and improve the way you deal with the situation. I prefer to relate to it as a situation rather than a problem.

Why is it not a problem?

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