Learn Thy Fear

Learn Thy Fear


It’s not seldom I see requirements announced for a specific project/task/goal/whatever. You have to be an Engineer within a specific and/or narrow area. Have a certain amount of years of experience on the actual subject or you’re not considered an engineer. You have to be a writer of a specific origin, like from an English speaking country or you’re useless and unworthy of even being a writer. You have to be certified for specific tasks on a certain system or you can’t even turn on a computer, and shouldn’t be allowed to even get close to one.


I resign, and turn my thoughts on wolves. They’re family oriented. Just like domestic dogs. But they also attack deviant behavior, turning members to outcasts. They’re territorial and kill outsiders. They kill their own puppies if they’re deformed at birth or if they don’t fit in or adhere to the behavior of the pack. They do this because that’s what their environment requires of them or they’d be extinct.

Our short life-span do not allow us to see our self far back in time. Back when we shared the same behavior without evaluating it. This is wired into our brains through millions of years of evolution. We tend to forget that we’re still animals, created by nature through a heuristic methodology. Just like every other brain-equipped species on this planet. The major parts of our brains are still the same. We wire-up the few loose ends ourself when we grow up and this is not going to change as fast as our society change. Bound to cause unforeseen problems, this is. Not that I think it’s bad or something, it simply is.

We contempt this behavior despite the fact that it’s a requirement posed on every living being by their environment. We teach our children about the dangerous, bad, and evil wolf with fairy tails, embarrassingly reality-distorted. I love wolves. They’re resourceful, fierce, and dangerous. They’re curious, cautious, and inspiring. They’re humble, caring, and friendly—when you understand them. Just like when we understand us humans.

When we limit our thinking through listing requirements for a specific task, not only are we pursuing a specific result, we also behave like the wolves, or any other animal. We also behave like the racists. Their brain-wiring is more thorough than the non-racist. It comes with differences, the wiring i.e. We all share a common in being different. Our society is a pack in that we live on this planet as the kind of animal we are. We’re only different packs within a pack. We still use our brain the same way we did millions of years ago. Only with slight differences.

So when we have our specific requirements listed, we also have limited our capacity to utilize other building blocks for evolutionary expansion. We’re cornered by our unconscious fear which evolution developed for our survival. Limited in thought, we are. The box is omnipresent. We can’t think outside the box. At least not most of us. Those who can are not understood by the rest, and the contempt among the pack descend on the few, according to evolutionary rules. Not that I think it’s bad or something, it simply is.

Fear limit our thinking capacity. Fear is deep within us. It’s a natural feature that we should embrace. Not to let it engulf us but to befriend it. As happiness or anger. The feelings are there because the nature developed them. When we can accept the fear as a friend and listen to it, thank it for warning us, and then face what caused the fear, we grow the ability to expand our thoughts outside that box. Fear is a reaction to an event or thought. Just like anger or happiness. Yet we fear the fear itself. We avoid being afraid but seek happiness. We’re taught that being afraid is a sign of weakness. Nothing can be more wrong. Not accepting, embracing and learn your fear is stupid and limits your mind unbelievably.

Learn your fears and you can release your creative imagination beyond the limits of your thoughts. Use all aspects of your being to your benefit. When you evaluate things, you allow fear to guide you. Your thoughts are pacing back and forth, confined within the borders defined by fear. Not that I think it’s…


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