Enthusiasm, where art thou


No, I didn’t forgot about the site. I didn’t fall through a passway either. I’ve just had a terrible month with lots of migraine and other problems. Inspiration went to France, Hope is on vacation, Enthusiasm got angry with me and went to Australia, Planning broke a leg, Purpose got the flu, and Vision hides behind a huge, dark cloud.

At the moment, I’m just wishing for a change. But anything I try, end up getting stuck in the starter block. I think I finally start to realize I fell in to the “Spread To Thin” trap as so many other that got the over-inspirational-gear with vision-fever. I’m reducing my breakfast to a single table with two items right now. I’m going to work on my novel(s) and stick to producing PLR. When it comes to “Internet Marcaching,” I think that’s more a thing we do rather than a fixed science that can be taught. It’s not even a framework. Content is King they say. I still have to pass a bunch of peasants to get a glimpse of “Da King.”

So, having spent 2 weeks dragging my feet, feeling miserable and depressed, I’m cleaning up and tighten my working focus on writing. That Freemind tutorial is under works, and since I’ve already spent some time on it and learnt a few things from that work, I’ll eventually finish that tutorial project. But as I usually say; There’s no hurry.

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