Do You Want To Find Motivation And Energy?

Do You Want To Find Motivation And Energy?

Tired and drained in the morning? Worn out and bored by lunch? Would you like to wake up and really feel to getting up and get going? To feel able to smile and sing while doing the morning routine? Has it even gone so far as to have ditched the morning routine for an extra 15 minutes in your bed?

Hi! I was there. It was me! Up until I was laid off in December 2010, that is. It took at least two weeks until I started to realize that I didn’t loose a job and an income. It also freed up a lot of resources that was tied while managing my job. Things as time and costs. Wow, did I have a lot of time at my disposal or what! And all the money that I had to spend on the trips back and forth, the food was expensive and so was all the extra clothing. The car simply had to work, that pulled costs for service and repair. Due to the nature of my job, I also had to buy a new cell phone every now and then as they don’t survive in the environment. So all in all, I had a lot of time and a lot less costs. But, and this was a huge one, I didn’t have an income either.

My savings dwindled. I received what was withheld for vacation and I got a tax return. I reduced my costs and sold a lot of my stuff. But I was still happy despite the concern for lack of funds.

Along the way, I did learn that even if times are hard, one can always survive. And if you survive, you can always come back. With that energizing thought, I started my journey in Internet Marketing with an open mind. Beginning June last year, I was ready to take on whatever came in my way. If costs are reduced to an absolute minimum, the need for money is less. Scratching a lot of extraneous from life may be hard and I did cry a lot when I had to sell my motorcycle. But the positive side was that costs went out and money came in. Least another debt. Larger smile in my face and larger a feeling of freedom. It still is a balancing performance.

With a thoroughly crafted budget I was on top of my economy. Sure, there’s still quite a debt and the monthly costs are just above my income still. What’s important is that I’m on top of it and can keep the red flags down another month, and another. I believe the income from my activities on the ‘net will soon be in par with my costs. It will be a time of joy and celebration. After all, this is a business and not a hobby, so it is required that I work my 13 hours daily to reach my first goal. The thing is that the costs for working like this is almost zilch. At the same time, I’m at home. I can use Skype instead of my phone. I don’t need to use expensive electricity to keep the house warm while I’m working. I keep the boiler going which is cheaper, and handling the firewood is good exercise. What’s absolutely, by far, the best with this, is that there is no bad-mood pissed bulldog bossing me around. No boss. Only my own rules which I can change whenever I need and feel like. I set my own schedule even if it’s a 13 hour day, 7 days a week. But I like it. I’m having fun.

I’ve learnt that the biggest issue for most people is their own thinking. They inherit the worries from their surrounding through old habits. Bad thoughts. Negative outlooks. They focus on problems and thereby they’re increasing them to ridiculous proportions. Friends ask what you’re going to do and they wonder how you will manage. They’re worried, not concerned. It rubs off onto oneself they say. Or is it that we use all that negative energy habitually to restrain ourself? To hold us back from the shiny being we are?

Some rant about how bad everything has become. Almost everyone you talk with feed you with bad feelings and worries instead of pointing you to your own resources. Instead of lifting you and encourage you, they talk about negative events and brings negative aspects into focus. If you’re out of work, you’re focusing on that if you feel it’s a problem. You open a newspaper and see the reports on the unemployment and how it’s a huge problem. You put yourself in a corner of problem. You feed the dark side with more negative energy and dark thoughts.

Nobody but you are responsible for your outcome. You have resources at hand as long as you are alive. If you can read this, you’re alive and hold plenty of resources in your mind. See yourself, feel that you have a value, and that there are many things that you can accomplish. When you have an idea, you’re also given what it takes to make that idea a reality. Don’t listen to negative thoughts. Don’t listen to your own negative mind when it wander over to focus on bad or negative things. Don’t look back and fill yourself with regrets. Don’t read the newspaper and all their negative reporting. It’s a waste of time. It nurture the dark side. Leave what was behind. Embrace your resources and focus on yourself within your success, minor or major.

Love yourself, respect yourself, laugh at yourself. Even if it’s hard, try to smile. Just a little bit now and then and you’ll soon discover that it’s easier and easier. 🙂

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