Do you have a vision?

Du you have a vision?

Does it feel like you don’t want to be where you are right now? Have you had that feeling for a while? Like the situation you’re in is not what you were suppose to be?

You’re not alone. My guess is that you, despite this situation, have a vision of something else. You’ve probably dropped a whole bunch of dreams and visions during your life. Most of us have. We have dreams and hopes but few of us even come close to them. We say they’re too far fetched. Too high a hope. Unrealistic. They’re stupid. Those are other people’s words that we’ve planted in our minds. We use them because we’re afraid of changes. Changes are uncomfortable.

What’s wrong with your vision? Is it unrealistic? No, it’s not. Is it stupid? Hardly. It’s your vision, and saying it’s stupid is the same as saying that you are stupid. You created your own vision. It’s perfect in your mind so it’s a perfect vision. What makes it never come through is you, your mind and thoughts. You limit your vision through your own barriers of distrust in yourself. You crush it by using the words from your friends and family. You turn it your back, believing it’s undoable because you’ve never succeeded with anything like that before.

Hold it now! Every time you did something new, you had never done it before. You probably can’t remember your first steps, or the first time you managed to ride your bike ten feet without falling on your nose. All those times were all first-timers. You didn’t think you couldn’t do it back then. You just kept at it until you made it. Do you remember that it was easier to learn how to ride your bike if you looked up instead of down into the ground? This is the same. Look up, see your vision. Don’t stare at your feet and say you can’t get there because you can’t see it. Stop looking at your present position. It’s just the present position. Not where you want to be. Lift your head and use your eyes the way you did back then when you learnt to ride that bike.

Yes, this sounds like a cliché. True, but it’s a fact. You stop trying because you think too much. Go back to your vision and relax. Take a deep breath and focus on that fantastic vision again. And again. And again. Every time you focus on it, see yourself in it. Include yourself in your vision. Do it several times every day, and emphasize the feeling of already being there. Forget about those naysayers that try to disturb you when you’re creating your new self, life, wealth, or whatever you’re envisioning. This is what you did when you learnt how to walk, how to control that bike that kept throwing you into the ground.

I whisper in your ear; “Focus on your vision! Be there, with it! Feel it. Again, and again, and again.”

Enjoy what you’re doing now and regain energy from your trips into your vision. Don’t forget that where you are now is just a step on your path to your vision. When you manage to enjoy whatever you do today, you’re not drained from it, and you will feel better. It will also help you realize your vision faster.

Focus on your vision! Feel it! Be there already!

Hard? Did you forget all the attempts you made on the bike until you finally wheeled away with a victorious yell? And all the times you fell when you tried to get to grips with your legs and feet in order to walk? If you don’t change, you’re not living.

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