Do You Face A Crossroad?

Crossroad Ahead!

At times people lose their jobs. It’s said it’s due to the economy, or it’s some other argument to explain the reason to staff reduction. The problem is, it doesn’t help debating the fact, having lost your job is a major set back. It cuts like a knife through your life.

In too many cases it leads to depression, frustration, lost social identity, personal problems with finances and family. There is however another approach to the situation. First of all, getting stuck in the thought losing the job is a problem is the first thing that has to be addressed. Loosing the job is a job lost. That’s a fact. How it’s perceived is another animal. Taking a step back to consider it fact and nothing but fact can free your mind and improve the way you deal with the situation. I prefer to relate to it as a situation rather than a problem.

Why is it not a problem?

Firstly, having a job locks you up. You’re being forced to forfeit your choices. You have to be in time, on location, not doing what you want, restrict you in being creative and trying your own ideas — in most cases i.e. Chasing a career feeds a fear of doing something wrong and set your advancement back. It stresses you out.

Secondly, it uses up your own resources. You need a car you can trust to take you to the location and back, it takes its share out of your income from taxes, insurances, maybe loans, and of course fuel. Commuting also puts you at risk while concurrently force you to work to be able to work. This eats at your resources.

Thirdly, your time is also limited. All we have at the start of the day is 1,440 minutes. They’re ticking away regardless of what we do. The time you spend as an employee is a large chunk of your life. Those hours you spend every day to put food on your table will never come back. Those 1,440 minutes we all have each morning can not be saved for later use. At the end of the day, they’re gone. Forever.

That job you lost might have restricted you from educating yourself in some area you would like to expand your knowledge. Something you may wish you could keep doing for the rest of your life. Time spent on your job could be spent to improve your personal health, build your own business, or spend with people you care for.

Losing your job could be a problem, but it could also be an opportunity, a change of course, a release of your tied resources. Having all those hours at your disposal is a resource. If you can free your mind from a limiting view, you might find a feeling of relieve and that’s good. It allows your creative side to shift gear and you can focus on finding solutions and be able to seize opportunities that otherwise would have passed by unnoticed.

I’ve lost several jobs in my life and I have always had a feeling of relief being able to spend my time on new ideas and diving into new projects. It’s refreshing to find opportunities and trying out new ways of life.

A crossroad is just a collection of new choices. Based on your experiences and what you can find about the different possible choices beforehand, you make a plan for the road ahead and when you’ve decided what you want to do, you go get it. Everything is possible.

I recently came to another crossroad in my life. I’ve been considering a lot of thoughts and finally found Internet Marketing very interesting. Complex? Yes. Daunting? Maybe a little. Challenging? Absolutely. Possibilities? Unlimited. That’s why I decided to take that road. It has too much to choose from to be done in a lifetime and there’s no chance of knowing it all. It’s a road with no end. I love that.

It also doesn’t restrict me in so many ways. Of course, I have to spend a lot of time working on my own, but there’s a lot of inspiring people on the ‘net and I’m looking forward to befriend many of you and I hope I’ll be able to help you on your path if you choose to tag along. I also hope that you add to my life and color my path.

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