Changes to the Heart


Changes grab your heart from time to time. I’m no exception. It started out a couple of years back with writing. I wrote my first published story in 1979. I’ve had another story that have burnt inside since 1973. It glowed within until last year. Writing began, and I wrote. I kept writing, and the story unfold. I had fun but I had no clue what to do with it or where it went. I mean, the direction in the story went on its own and grew on me. There was no plan. I had no plot. Maybe it was only born to get me started, never to be anything but that first spark to fuse a dull heart with life and a craving for writing.

I used Text Edit on my Mac. It just flew. It grew into a multitude of files. It had to be structured. I was losing myself in a mess. I started to use Freemind to structure that mess. I soon had a large file that I could label “Project”. Only problem was that Freemind is created to support ideas and help in overviewing projects. Not in writing a book. So I created links inside Freemind to external documents. I gave each node a short description and created a link so it opened an RTF file in Text Edit to allow for a readable typeface, spell checking and all that fluff. I linked the root node to the folder in which all files resided and another node to a template RTF document. Clicking the template node opened the template document, scribble ideas, save as, click the root node to reveal the files in the folder, drag the new file into the mind map and place it where it belong, link are automatically inserted when dragging from a folder, rename the node and keep writing. Tiresome in the start but doable once I got the hang of it. Outlining was easy. The mess in the folder remained but it was more fun to write since it was easier to have an overview.

After months of work and refining my system, I stumbled upon Scrivener. I read about it on a blog (see, blogs are great) and went to their site to check it out. $45 they asked. With the nice 30-day try-out I downloaded and installed it. Took me a couple of days to find myself around and go through the tutorial. I knew I hadn’t even started to learn all the features and it felt overwhelming. I wanted to write. Just write. All those features confused me. Terminology from the world of publishing and printing was obstructive even though I had been there before. More stuff to learn wasn’t what I wanted. 10 days into the try-out, I went back and bought it. It felt supportive even though I didn’t know more than a fraction about what I could do with this app.

I took me months to start using many of the features. I’m probably dense or stubbornly refusing to learn new stuff. Or was it that I already had a mouth-full? I don’t know. I know that I learnt a lot every day and I had fun doing it. Either way, I kept writing and discovered that Scrivener actually helped me in keeping sane. It was easier to maintain an overview and plan the work. New habits and working system emerged.

Since I digressed into Internet Marketing in the hope of creating a trickle of a supporting income to maintain my writing, I started to use Scrivener for my PLR projects. One major Scrivener document for all PLR products. Another for each site. Neat. Structured and easy to handle. Just toss in research and scribble notes and plan everything. I soon learnt the features within Scrivener. I started to test them and learnt a bunch of new things. My new working habits developed further. I changed the Freemind map so that it now opens my entire work-place with one click from within Freemind. I might create a Freemind template and put here for download. I might. No promises. You want one? Comment and ask for it. I’ll probably melt before thy plea. 🙂

Just days ago I realized that my heart is burning for writing while Internet Marketing hardly engage me. It doesn’t spark any feelings other than frustration and it was mostly a struggle. Writing fiction did all that, sparklingly engaging my heart into burning joy. Learning is fun when you do what you like.

So, changes are due. I should have come to this conclusion a long time ago. But there’s no hurry. I write every day. No less than 5 hours. Often more. A lot more.

I’m going to change this place and rebuild it over time, leaning toward writing.

And now, I call myself a writer…


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