The Need For The Right Mindset – The Roadmap

The Roadmap

Quite a few days have past since my last post. There has been a lot of things crashing my plans and schedule here. Hosting plan changes froze access to my site, my car broke down, and two days lost to migraine to name a few.

In the Rearview Mirror?

To gather the items that make up the first list, the “Where am I” list, I asked for feedback on my writing in the Warrior Forum. I was honored with reviews from five people that either was a writer, blogger, marketer or a bit of everything. It was a good mix. I received mostly positive feedback on my overall writing. But… Continue reading

The Need For The Right Mindset And How To Define Where We Want To Go

Back to mindsets then.

Hope your week was better than mine. Having dad hospitalized imposed some difficulties for me. Well, I believe we were on some kind of track about mindset here. Let’s go back to it.

The lists of where you are, is hopefully not that long. All parts together make up a positioning that one have to accept. Establishing one’s mindset is like finding out where you are if you wake up in someone else’s car in a town you’ve never been before. Being alone, you have to find out where you are. It’s not as easy as to ask what town you’re in as there’s no one to ask. Continue reading

Two years down the road, what will you be doing?

See the future!

Facing a multitude of options from different categories for a future path is a challenge that may be frown upon by the most experienced analyst. It’s about your own future and the factors are endless and unknown. If it’s a long time commitment, will you be able to stick to a choice if, after a while, something else pops around the corner? Would you stray away and loose focus? There are a lot of questions that has to be dealt with. There’s a simple answer but it can be hard to find it. Continue reading

Do You Face A Crossroad?

Crossroad Ahead!

At times people lose their jobs. It’s said it’s due to the economy, or it’s some other argument to explain the reason to staff reduction. The problem is, it doesn’t help debating the fact, having lost your job is a major set back. It cuts like a knife through your life.

In too many cases it leads to depression, frustration, lost social identity, personal problems with finances and family. There is however another approach to the situation. First of all, getting stuck in the thought losing the job is a problem is the first thing that has to be addressed. Loosing the job is a job lost. That’s a fact. How it’s perceived is another animal. Taking a step back to consider it fact and nothing but fact can free your mind and improve the way you deal with the situation. I prefer to relate to it as a situation rather than a problem.

Why is it not a problem?

Continue reading