Out of the Cold


I took a moment. A short one, I thought. But I got stuck. Stuck with working and fighting to make ends meet. Getting back to writing felt heavy and far. It didn’t feel as if I would get the flow back. Like my dear friends, the characters I created, had come to life and left me in a void. It lasted for almost a year. Depression cut through my days whenever it could. The slightest chance I gave it and I was captured in despair. Darkness got deeper but I found new friends in old ones and old friends in new ones. Continue reading

Keith and the Kite – Short Story


I took the liberation of editing it. I wrote this in 20 minutes and just slammed it up. I returned and frowned upon my sloppy work. It needed attention, I thought and hasted to Scrivener. lol

Gave it a brush up and now I think it’s far better. Enjoy!

Keith and the Kite…

Read it here!