Vivere: Live, Laugh & Just Be

Your personal experiences might cross some of those that Alex Abaz brings about in Her book. For some, it might be a familiar reminder. For others, they eat at the mind and the sound of its gnawing through your bones to get at your marrow keeps you awake at nights and cage you in during days. It feeds from the turmoil the wake your experiences left you with. Vivere is full of emotions.

VIVERE: Live, Laugh & Just Be

This isn’t fiction or a novel you spend one or two reading sessions on. This is a work meant to help you find your presence, your self-value. It’s considerate to break it up into chunks for you to spend a short while on every day. Each day need a reflection to process and handle so you can end up feeling better or even great. Wounds don’t heal over night and even after they healed, scars may need a while to accept as well.

Alex’s voice is consistent and with her beautiful analogies, it leads you through her ideas to clarity. The tone is soft and caring, like the sooting voice from the mother she is. But still, it firmly leads you in the right direction. This isn’t a bandaid, it’s an antidote to the poison in your spirit, a beautiful anthem to your self-value.

Choosing movies as a reference for mending is compassionate and clever. I like that and I went back to watch some of them again. They’re not only movies, they are reflections about a period or experience in someone’s life at some point in time. Alex refer to passages in movies that helps in bridging between cause and effect. She leads us through a maze in which we’re lost for a moment right before she carefully sets us back on track. Just like when you listen to great music.

Each experience is different for everyone of us. I’ve been through many of Vivere’s related events during my life but there’s no harm in returning to them with new eyes. It feels good to be able to smile at the scars and remember what caused them without anger or fear. When I read Vivere, I often got good vibes that lingered in my core for a while.

Thank you for a great experience, Alex Abaz.

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