Bertha-Size your life! By Jane Carroll.

Jane, what are you doing?


Bertha Cover

I bought “Bertha-Size your life!” for Kindle a while back and found a little pearl.

The book’s spirit is intriguing and uplifting. Jane Carroll share invaluable thoughts in her book and on her blog. Her words help you lift yourself and nourish your efforts in finding a better perspective on your life and everyday toll. That’s one of the best reason to why you should read Jane’s book and it doesn’t matter if you’re not an empty-nest mum. It has tidbits for the childless, lonely woman as well. Her nest has always been empty and she can’t quite realize what she’s missing. That’s how I feel.

Jane’s thoughts kept me reading through her enjoying slant of the Law of Attraction. Numerous ahas popped in my mind and slipped my lips when I read it. More ahas came to me after I read it and lured smiles to my face for days. They still do. We all know smiling is contagious and people smile as a response to the seemingly gruntled face I’ve donned, so this book propagates smiles and good feelings like rings on water, softly and carefree, just like life should be.

Our whole being vibrate in a certain way which attracts harmonizing vibrations. It’s like music. This is a very old saying so Jane does not add new wisdom in her book. Law of Attraction is not a scientific Law so the notion, Law of Attraction, is incorrect in the eyes of science and this occasionally cause heated debates. I don’t want to add fuel to those so I’ll leave it be. But I think the notion, Force of Attraction, bears a better reflection on what is going on. Jane’s take on it adds her view to the plethora of views. Many are those tracks that leads to the water. Even though her thoughts sprung from the life of the lonely mum dealing with her empty nest, her words are valuable to anyone.

I found some parts being pure laugh-generators in recognizing myself while others spawned some deeper thoughts about life and how we pursue something better rather than feeling we already have the slice of a good life. Find your favorite sections that sparkles with your own vibrations and turn the subtle parts of your day into vivid events in your life.

The phrase, “Bertha, what are you doing?” is a starting point in every section and after a while, I got… vexed, or sort of. But when a couple more sections lay behind me, being a bundle of scrumptious berries, I found the question to be the chocolate sauce that baked them all into one great dessert.

As with everything you need to learn, repetition is adamant. You should ask yourself; “What am I doing?” all the time. Well… at least once a day. I realized that and started to ask myself, “What am I doing?” and I still do. I ask myself why I do this or that and sure enough, another aspect to what I first believed was the solution eventually surface. It gives me new perspectives and choices. I’ve already done this since long when I write my own stories, so why not do it when I write my own life. It doesn’t hurt and it improves it, my life i.e. It may polish yours too.

If you’re looking for an additional input in your quest for a fuller life, add Jane’s “Bertha-Size your life!” to your feel-good toolbox.

So, thank you, Jane Carroll, for your words and thoughts. I’m looking forward to read your sequel.

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