Book Reviews

Every time I’ve read a book, reflections tend to grow from it. Like flowers, or mushrooms, or the occasional oak that hits my core with its roots and becomes a lifelong friend. If I like it, a review might end up here. If you don’t find a particular review here, either I didn’t read that particular book or I didn’t find it compelling enough to spend time on a review. Another reason could be that I actually didn’t find enough time to vent my deranged thoughts. Many are those occasions.

Find here, my thoughts on what I’ve found delightful and worthy of its time. Follow the links to peek into my mind. Links are added inside the reviews for your convenience, for you will feel the urge to read them.

In The Grotto: Elrood the Elf by Eddie McGarrity

Bertha-Size your life! by Jane Carroll

VIVERE: Live, Laugh & Just Be by Alex Abaz


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