About Agneta

This nutbag started off around 1988 with Amigas. Moved on with Macs 1990 and has been a Mac-addict online since about 1991. She strayed 2001 to pursue a business in transportation but returned to writing in 2010 to keep at it.

Enthusiasm, where art thou


No, I didn’t forgot about the site. I didn’t fall through a passway either. I’ve just had a terrible month with lots of migraine and other problems. Inspiration went to France, Hope is on vacation, Enthusiasm got angry with me and went to Australia, Planning broke a leg, Purpose got the flu, and Vision hides behind a huge, dark cloud. Continue reading

Learn Thy Fear

Learn Thy Fear


It’s not seldom I see requirements announced for a specific project/task/goal/whatever. You have to be an Engineer within a specific and/or narrow area. Have a certain amount of years of experience on the actual subject or you’re not considered an engineer. You have to be a writer of a specific origin, like from an English speaking country or you’re useless and unworthy of even being a writer. You have to be certified for specific tasks on a certain system or you can’t even turn on a computer, and shouldn’t be allowed to even get close to one.


I resign, and turn my thoughts on wolves. They’re family oriented. Just like domestic dogs. But they also attack deviant behavior, turning members to outcasts. They’re territorial and kill outsiders. They kill their own puppies if they’re deformed at birth or if they don’t fit in or adhere to the behavior of the pack. They do this because that’s what their environment requires of them or they’d be extinct. Continue reading

Switching to Mac?

Switching to Mac or not?

Many of my friends have been ranting about the poor availability of software for the Mac, the high price and the stupid user interface. Are you still with me? Then you might be as misinformed as many others. It’s common. Nobody can comprehend the vast amount of information available, so it’s only natural to defend one’s choices. Nothing wrong with that. We all do it. Continue reading

Do You Want To Find Motivation And Energy?

Do You Want To Find Motivation And Energy?

Tired and drained in the morning? Worn out and bored by lunch? Would you like to wake up and really feel to getting up and get going? To feel able to smile and sing while doing the morning routine? Has it even gone so far as to have ditched the morning routine for an extra 15 minutes in your bed? Continue reading